Last year was a massive leap forward in the progression of Virtual Reality in a wide number of industries. With investment reaching well into billions of dollars for development and tech companies it’s no wonder we’ve seen VR popping up everywhere in our daily life. From advertising to games, medicine to holidays, VR has definitely made a mark and is certainly here to stay

Here’s the latest news from the world of Virtual Reality and what to look forward to in the year ahead:

Technology Updates & New Releases:

Vive and oculus rift headsets are set to be wireless later this year, allowing complete freedom of movement. No more cables! Perfect for creating deeper immersion for our walk through tours

Microsoft Hololens and the much anticipated Magic Leap bring us Mixed Reality, an amazing tool for architecture, construction and off plan design See how the it can transform the way your business works here

Google’s VR platform Daydream, released last year alongside its VR headset Daydream View, is a mass market VR headset consumer option which will work with multiple smartphones released by android from now on. With more content to come and a stylish, comfortable headset & controller it’s the perfect option to use at shows and events

Vive recently announced a new tracking device that allows real world objects to be track in a VR environment. Meaning we can now add further interaction when viewing a property in VR show home

The cost of VR is falling! With computer parts becoming more mainstream and in demand we are seeing high end VR becoming much more affordable to the average consumer.

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Discover Spaces in 2017

We believe that seeing is believing and by popping on a headset and exploring in VR you can truly understand and imagine the potential this technology within your industry. That’s why we’re extending our successful Free VR demos offer. Simply fill in our online request form and we will arrange a personal visit where we will bring the equipment direct to your company to try and help tailor a VR strategic plan around your personal needs.

We pride ourselves with always keeping ahead of the competition in terms of technology and development. We keep up to date with the latest in VR, AR and MR gear and are continuing to develop our tour services for each new system that arrives, ensuring all our customers can make the best choices when it comes to their virtual tour needs.  

Social interactions and networking:

Up until now VR has consisted of a person wearing a headset exploring alone in their own virtual world. Last year However Facebook demonstrated social VR and opened up the world to the idea of sharing Virtual experiences with others.

The possibilities for this in the Virtual tour market is huge, imagine been able to take a potential buyer to a newly built property and give them a personal one on one tour around, while you’re in London and the buyer is in Shanghai!

New adopters to VR:

The far east market & China are rapidly adopting VR into their culture with large companies like Huawei supporting Google Daydream we are going to see an even faster adoption than 2016 brought

Following on from last year, we are seeing global brands and companies investing in VR for their marketing strategy to sell everything from properties to perfumes. 

By creating impactful and memorable experiences companies are able to really engage with their audience on a level that normal marketing simply cannot reach.

In order to bring you the best, most engaging and immersive experiences on the market Spaces is developing key partnerships with some amazing companies. Teaming up with consultancy agencies Suite DNA and Athena advisors, we are able to professionally tailor virtual services around both the hospitality and property sectors with their expert guidance and insider knowledge.

With the success of Discover Spaces and the high demand in VR, We are launching our sister company Discover Studios within the next few months. ‘Studios’ will be a specialist VR studio focusing on Virtual Reality consultancy,  marketing, prototyping and development. By working together, both Studios and Spaces will offer a full 360 solution across all markets. Stay tuned for updates!

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