Discover VR: Creating your ideal home With CGI

 SPACES latest Virtual Reality Demo, a real time walk-through of an entire property created CGI

SPACES latest Virtual Reality Demo, a real time walk-through of an entire property created CGI

In previous posts, we’ve discussed the capture technology we use to create our property tour experiences such as 360° photography, video and Lidar scanning. But for cases where the property isn’t built yet, we use CGI modelling to bring the clients visions to life. 

The freedom to explore realistic spaces, interact with your environment and even customise the interior design as you walk round make the combination of CG models within Virtual Reality an incredible asset for users within property development, architecture & interior design.

Our CG specialist Martin Ocheng talks us through his approach when creating visualisations of prebuilt homes and the benefits of real-time modelling within VR:

“Viewing 360° images where you can pan around is one thing, but being able to freely walk around a whole property where you are fully immersed in a realistic environment is an experience which I can only describe as mind blowing.  
After working several years in both video game graphics and high-end advertising on hyper-real renders for billboards, magazines and archviz, working in virtual reality felt like a natural progression. It gives me the opportunity to utilise my knowledge from both toolsets in order to create unique and exciting experiences for VR.
In order to create our property walkthroughs we have two options, we can start from the building blueprints to build an accurate model in-house, or take pre-existing models from architects or designers and convert them to work in VR.  
The property and furnishings are modelled in the software package 3D Studio Max.
 We then use a program called unreal engine to combine all 3D assets into real-time VR experience. This software is primarily designed to create video games but it’s ability to mimic stunning lighting and highly detailed materials allow us to achieve very realistic results and still maintain real-time frame rate. The visuals are as close to real-life as you can get without actually capturing photo and 3D data from the space, especially when combined with our unique 3D immersive audio which really brings the space to life.
One of the greatest benefits of using this kind of tech to view properties is the customisability in real time. This allows the user to easily change aspects of the space which update instantly in front of their eyes. The ability to experiment with the decor of a property; changing wooden floors to carpet, swapping materials of the kitchen cupboards and even re-decorating the walls  and adding your favourite furniture gives the user the freedom to bring their vision to life around them.”

2017 is set to be one of the biggest years for virtual reality within the property & design market, and we believe that this technology has to be seen to be believed. This year we are offering FREE VR Demonstrations for anyone who’d like to learn about the technology and experience it for themselves. Simply get in touch via email or fill out our Demo Request form and we will arrange a visit to you.