VR for Travel & Tourism


With the VR industry quickly becoming one of the largest growing markets across several industries such as gaming, advertising and property. It's now also starting to influence the world of travel.

Early VR adopters include Thomas Cook, Marriott, Lufthansa and Etihad, who realised the potential the technology has to create unique experiences in order to capture their customers imagination and inspire them on their travels. Our MD Jonathan Forder talks over how engaging VR experiences can create real memories of a location and can really help the customer understand a hotel.

"When we enter into a VR application we are not just viewing a location, we are visiting and engaging with it on a whole new level. Try and remember your last VR experience, and visualise the space. You will more than likely remember and envisage the finer details of that location. For example how the furniture was laid out or where the TV was located. VR allows us to visit these places, and the knock on effect of this allows our minds to create richer memories of these places, more than any other media can."

The benefits of VR and AR technologies within the travel industry are still waiting to be explored, here are a few of our thoughts on getting started in this new exciting world:

  • Engaging with customers on a digital platform is proven to increase sales. Virtual tours give customers the opportunity to view rooms and explore facilities when planning a holiday. This combination of immersion and holiday inspiration will help cement sales.

  • Using VR to build a connection between a guest and a hotel is a great way to make you stand out from the competition. By telling the story of your resort, introducing your staff members, and hearing reviews from other guests will build an emotional connection between your guests and you.

  • Remember VR is not just for large hotels or resorts. Airbnb is changing the face of travel, people are exploring more and travelling to new locations. VR is scalable for any size business, and can benefit even the smallest independent local B&B's.

  • Showcase what makes your resort special. Help guests plan their visit by building them a digital itinerary using a personalised mobile app with optional VR. Give them a sneak peek at what’s available nearby, where to find the best restaurants and what sights to see once they arrive. Make them feel at home before they even arrive.

Do you have any great ideas for hotel & travel VR experiences? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!